Wednesday 2 March 2011

one reason why i dont vote for any party

I suppose i am what you woul call a 'neutral party' well almost i see one of the numerous reasons why i don't bother,or take the trouble to cast my vote is ,since i was kid untill now,i don't see any 'party or any one really care for little peolple like me.Take public transport hoe example,lately i have been reduce to take the bus for mode of travel.Had no choice,you see,only then ireally, apreciated my precious kancil no matter how cranky"she'had been lately.
Ever been in a stuffy fully loaded bus ;sometime overloaded,with the driver smoking happily,right beneath 'the non-smoking sign"?Many a time i wish i had taken karate lesson in my youth.Perhaps i can give the rude driver a piece of my mind and get off safely.As it was i