Friday 4 May 2012

Bersih ...the aftermath

It's been a week to a day..the dust,the smokes from the tear gas,n the sprays from water cannon had settled down..those  who had unfortunately landed in hospital had gone home.The protesters from  outside KL had returned to their home states..lives goes on as usual....

Except for hurts that scared the souls..those scars will never fades but will burn forever in the memory of victims of police brutality & barbarism which to my thinking is totally uncalled for in it savagery..sure feeling of anger & hatred will overflow toward those goons in blue..but then again they are just the minions the lap dogs of despot who thinks that this lovely country is their personal fiefdom ,their'father' property to do as they please..

Are they that dense i wonder? or just plain idiots? Did they not see the warning signs? the rumbling unhappiness and despondency? or are they that  so confidence  winning the election  fraud ,cheating & bribery that they just don,t care but rough shod n bulldoze their way through the masses...?

Bersih 3.0 is nothing about toppling the government of the day,neither was it about party,races or religions.It was simply the people excising their right to free speech ,People who are so feed up of mismanagement,excess and bad governance.
Bersih 3.0 just a  demand for fair and clean election..freedom of choice n freedom to elects the governments according to the people it should be..from the people,by the people ,of the people..that is if we had shed of decency left..else don,t bother to claim this country practice democracy n the government of the day is legally n duly elected by the rakyats..for that would be a sham n the biggest lie ever.

To me that day did not have to end in chios n violent .. what wrong by being magnanimous and let the people have their say n enjoyed sitting in the sorching tropical sun for an hour or two.That would have taken the wind out of the opposition sail.The power that be have nothing to loose but everything to gain.That would be golden opportunity for PR to potray  the Government as people friendly and liberal n wins heart over it is....

I  for 1m unable to erase the  ugly scenes in the videos wheres the police  beating up people  mercilessly ..including the press n the bystander,the old ,young, men  and women.  with unnecessary force n violent.Those are not criminals or terrorist for heaven sake.!!!

Before that fateful day..i had been apolitical..a fence sitter u might say..the reasons being i had this inherent mistrust of politic n politicians.slimy  many ways?

But since that day my feeling had sifted longer do i feel indifference.. but had turn to distaste  and m afraid a little bit of hatred..

Vote for BN ? HELL NO..NOT TILL HELL FREEZE OVER..I might have before as i did not oppose them per se..neither did i support the PR per se either..but after that SATURDAY debacles... no way can i see their faces without like feeling throwing up....!!!!

HiDUP  Bersih! Rakyat Forever..